The project is the Continental Operating  Corporation (COC) cement plant owned by La Farge Cement and located in Norzagaray, Bulacan. The plant facility was built in the early 70s and some of its structures have shown signs of advanced deterioration, which requires rehabilitation.

ACO performed the detailed engineering design including structural assessment and retrofitting design of the following:

  • A 220m long main material storage and handling hall, where the existing two units 6-8T capacity cranes will be replaced with two new electric overhead travelling cranes with bigger capacities – 8m³ grab-capacity crane for raw materials and 6m³ grab-capacity for clinker.
  • The material storage hall extension with a base plan of 50m x 28m, with columns on typical 10.0m centres, where the overhead travelling crane from the main hall will be extended.
  • The material storage hall extension basement retrofitting.
  • The gantry support for the belt conveyor 2 where the existing steel truss supports were investigated and retrofitted to adequately support the belt conveyor.
  • The kiln structure modification due to the proposed removal of 4 main columns to provide adequate vehicle access.