The project is the Fortune Republic Cement Corporation (FRCC) cement plant owned by La Farge Cement and located in Teresa, Rizal.

ACO performed detailed engineering design, including structural assessment and retrofitting design, of various structures.

Some of the projects that were completed are as follows:

  1. Gysum bin modification, which consists of putting up a new steel bin inside an existing reinforced concrete storage bin.
  2. A new 4-storey dumping hopper structure.
  3. Investigation of the existing pre-heater tower consisting of structural steel frames with a height of about 162 m due to the new equipments and modifications made.
  4. A new bucket elevator with a height of about 162 m consisting of structural steel frames and connected to the existing pre-heater tower.
  5. A new belt conveyor structure of about 170m long and inclined up to about 50m high.
  6. A new booster fan foundation using mass reinforced concrete.