The TIPCO Industrial Estate consists of the redevelopment of an existing 60-hectare property into a light industrial park with a 200-hectare future expansion for residential and commercial land development. It has access to three international airports (Clark, Subic and NAIA) and five seaports (Subic, Lamao, Capinpin, North and South Harbours).

The industrial estate will cater to light industrial locators from a variety of markets including overseas manufacturers, support industries to Clark, local manufacturers and industrial relocators from Metro Manila. The retail-commercial district is expected to provide commercial support facilities that will serve the needs of the nearby population as well as the residential areas to be established in the TIPCO estate.

ACO provided detailed engineering design and construction supervision for the project. 

Some of the works that have been performed include the following:

  1. Relocation and construction of the Chico road and 5th street consisting of site grading, roads, pond retention, effluent canals, and drainage system.
  2. Expansion of the water supply and electrical system, including 3 deepwells.
  3. Perimeter fence including retaining walls, slope protections, drainage outfalls, and creek relocation.
  4. Site grading for the removal of the existing dike with about 750m in length.
  5. Detailed investigation of the existing drainage system including rehabilitation design.