The project involves the structural rehabilitation of the ten (10) existing school buildings of the University of the East (UE) located in the UE Recto Compound, C.M. Recto Avenue, Manila.

The buildings are as follows:

  • High School Building (4-Storey)
  • College of Education  (5-Storey)
  • College of Computer Studies & Systems (3-Storey)
  • P.O. Domingo Center for Information Technology (7-Storey)
  • College of Dentistry (5-Storey)
  • Physical Education Building (6-Storey)
  • College of Arts and Sciences (5-Storey)
  • Dalupan Building (8-Storey)
  • San Franciso Cruz Building (4-Storey)
  • Engineering Building (5-Storey)

The rehabilitation involves the seismic upgrading and retrofitting of the affected structural elements using the external application of fiber-reinforced polymers as well as concrete and steel jacketing.

ACO performed the detailed structural assessment and retrofitting design, and is currently providing construction management services for the project.